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Weeding out the Nutrition (in Your Yard)

Great Weeds HarvestedBy now, you might have heard that many plants we call weeds are actually great sources of nutrition.  Dandelions are loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.  Chickweed has become the darling of farmer’s markets, with its spinach-like flavor, and is also very high in nutrients.  There are lots more everywhere we look.

A wonderful and highly recommended book  by Katrina Blair, The Wild Wisdom of Weeds, published in late 2014 describes in detail 13 “weeds” that grow around the planet that can be used for food as well as medicine.  Given the nutrient density right outside our door (yes, even in the city), we couldn’t resist ingesting them.

The Wild Wisdom of WeedsWild green juice, dandelion pesto, and extra salad greens are the easiest first steps.  We started with the juice, following Katrina’s lead.  We stepped outside, harvested fresh young leaves of chickweed, plantain, dandelion, and lambsquarter, along with a few clover and dandelion flowers to make a tasty aperitif to boost our health and cleanse our palate.

Be sure you know which plants you are harvesting (use a guide if you are at all unsure).  For our juice, we used 2 cups freshly harvested weeds, 1/2 lemon and 1 1/2 cups water.  Either run through a juicer or blend and strain.

Weeds HarvestedSuper local and fresh not to mention free.

Let’s give thanks for this brilliant way to wake up!