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Watch: La Soga – Jim Duke Sings to the Plants

We love it! Jim Duke (James A. Duke, Ph.D.) — living legend plant genius, ethnobotanist, author, and songwriter sings “La Soga” to the Amazonian plants, Ayahuasca and friends. Performed for Luis Eduardo Luna, Ph.D. “La Soga” in memory of the Green Man, Frank Cook. Lyrics below. Duke introduces the plants after the concert. Video produced with deep gratitude to all these amazing visionaries.

LA SOGA — by Jim Duke, Ph.D.

Parody on The Going Up was Worth the Coming Down- Kris Kristofferson
Remembering the green man, Frank Cook.

He had tasted good and evil in both bedroom and bordello
Trading all of his tomorrows for todays
Pondering where to go, he tripped down to old Loreto
Contemplating those ayahuasca ways.
It was really quite a far cry from New York to old Nanay
From the asphalt that he knew down to Peru
In his search for the divine, he designed to mine the vine
And the throwing up was worth the comin’ down
Yes the throwing up was worth the comin’ down

He’s a poet, he’s a prophet
He’s a walking contradiction, kinda low when flying high
He’s a brujo, a soguero
Volandero, curandero;
With celestial connections, he now navigates the sky.
And the throwing up was worth the coming down;
And the going up is coming back around!

Handsome, tall and lanky, never crass or cranky,
Coolest greenest man i ever seen.
Had a ball and frankly, lotta grass and hanky panky,
Eating and sipping jungle green
Mixed um all one day, the soga and yage
Boiled um `most ‘away, with three leaves of to-e
Entonces el tome, and he softly flew away,
With the jagua and the boa all at play (superfluous hanger)
And the throwing up, was worth the goin’ way
But the chucking up, relit a brighter day!

It really ain’t my thesis, but propulsive emesis
Enlightens entheism
Clearing all decisions, cleansing all the visions,
Tuning to unseen gods deep within!
The visions remind us, that the purgin’ is behind us,
Arranging instead new views ahead.
Gods keep recurring, black jaguars just purring;
As we go to climb the royal rainbow;
Icaros urging, the endings of the purging
The shaman she nods, we’re one with the gods. (hanger)
And the boas, ever wise, climb the rainbow to the skies (hanger)

And the throwing up was worth the going up
And the going up was worth the coming down