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Waste – A New Year’s Take on Eating

No one likes to waste food. Whether it’s throwing out an uneaten sandwich or watching crops rot in the fields, it seems wrong to have food spoil rather than feed.  It’s especially painful to waste food when times are tight and food costs seem so high.

We believe that sadly, sometimes, waste is better than waist.  Now that end-of-the-year holidays and celebrations have ended (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s), it’s now time to waste all those leftover indulgences – peppermint chocolates and eggnog and fatted roasts, figs and cream, or whatever.  Yep, unless health and calories are no object, we say dump it.   

Of course, you can try and pawn off some of this stuff on your “needy” and “hungry” friends and neighbors, but don’t feel it’s necessary to try too hard.  While it’s a shame to toss edible (and even delicious) food, lots of these holiday treats aren’t exactly primo for our body’s peak function.  Or our waistlines.

So, we’re here to say that it’s OK to throw the offending stuff out.  This might also be a good time to think about how to eat better in the new year, especially if you find yourself throwing out “too much” food you know wasn’t really nourishing or worth the fat and health price.  

Maybe we have a new take on the old saying:  Waste and Want Not.  Enjoy the food memories and the anticipation of the next time you indulge, but in the present, shift attention to food to make the body, mind and spirit hum.  Wake Up.