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Wake Up Your Body (Easily)

Three Easy Ways to Wake Up Your Body Right Now

First, smile.
Relax your mouth and turn those corners up Feel better? Yes! This will help send those happy signals to the rest of your body too. Try a sort of “game,” where you remember to stop and smile. Try doing it in front of a mirror too — what a difference.

Second, make yourself long. Feel the imaginary thread running through the crown of your head, down your spine, and all the way through your heels. Just a few slow breaths, feeling a gentle pulling on this thread, lengthening your body, will also give you a little awakening as your organs, muscles, blood and cells are nourished.

Third, go for the gut.We talk elsewhere about the incredible miniverse we have in our digestive tracts. Recall that 90% of our bodies — our human cells — are microbes… and most of those live in the gut. Get those little buggers going by practicing tightening the muscles of the abdomen. Pull in and, if you can, make a little undulating motion. You don’t have to be a belly dancer — even just tightening will help wake up your gut.