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Wake Up to Fresh: The Real Taste of Fast Food

We really liked the article in today’s Washington Post that compared commercial fast food to the homemade version. It pretty much proved what we’ve been saying — that freshly prepared food is way tastier (yes, even to the junk food loving kids), usually much healthier and certainly less expensive. To us, it’s clear that there is a growing understanding that Now that’s a great wake-up story.


Of course, to get all the way there, we definitely would have wanted Sally to go further. For example, in addition to the fat, calorie, and sodium savings for the eater, what about the “green” impact of not having cars on the road pushing through drive-through windows? In fact, how about the planetary savings by reducing the monstrous fast food production nightmare where animals are treated as inanimate objects to be used for the satisfaction of human desires (a la Peter Singer, Why our Food Choices Matter)?
Still, it’s a start… just a teeny eye-opener for many of us as we awaken to the real taste — and price — of our disconnected, industrialized eating.