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Top 3 Reasons to Plant Your Own Veggies

Gardening is on the rise.  Here are the top 3 reasons we think it’s a great idea to grow your own.

1.  The economy.

Have you seen the price of veggies, especially organic ones?  Ditto with fresh herbs, berries, etc.  Fact is, gardens create very low-cost (or free) food, which is why generations of people planted kitchen gardens throughout history.  It is only recently that gardens became relegated to a hobby rather than a sensible part of every home with the space to support it.  We use ours almost daily, even if its just a handful of herbs.

2.  Food purity.

Not only do people increasingly want the freshest produce possible, let’s face it, a lot of the food we buy in stores (even organic) comes from who-knows-where-its’-been.  Not to mention genetically modified, sprayed, fertilized, etc or simply downstream from some livestock or worse.  Growing your own erases any question.  And of course, just picked wins on  flavor every time.

3.  Connection with Nature .  

Even if this isn’t the primary reason people start their gardens, almost everyone will tell you that they feel a much stronger connection with the natural world as a result of witnessing and participating in the growing process.  Plus, it ensures a healthy dose of outdoor time, so important in our electronic world.  And for some people, depending upon how much and how vigorously they garden, it’s great exercise,


These are all great reasons.  If you do not have space and cannot join a community garden, remember there are other options.  Even a pot or two of herbs in your kitchen (or any windowsill for that matter) counts.

Grow and enjoy.