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The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment , by Jill Nussinow, MS, RD

The VeggieQeen BookOver 100 seasonal, delicious recipes to make the most of your veggies. Over 100 recipes with beautiful illustrations,152 pages. Forward by Ellen Ecker Ogden.

Who doesn’t love vegetables? Ok, some people, but chances are even they have some vegetable they at least like, even if it’s a piece of corn or a potato. And we all know, having been told ad nauseum, that we really should be eating more vegetables, especially the ones that are not poisoned, treated or altered to the point of being dull, tasteless, and less nutritious. This book reminds us that veggies are not just healthy, they’re really delicious.

Now in its third printing, Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment offers delicious and diverse recipes for every palate. Jill combines her delight in eating tasty vegetables with her Registered Dietitian expertise to present a range of new and familiar dishes. This recipe collection — and numerous tips and tidbits — is sure to spark ideas of how to enjoy a more vegtable-laden existence.

So, whether you never touch the stuff and want to figure out how to “go green,” or you’re a hardcore vegan, we know you’ll find something in here that will be a tasty go-to in the future.

Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment is now available as either a traditional printed book or as a downloadable pdf. You can purchase either version at our store and sign up for our special offers, including a chance to win a free, autographed copy of Jill’s book.