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Ten More Products We Saw at Expo West that We Bet You Haven’t Tried

Expo West last month in Anaheim was a bonanza of products including many that are new and unusual. Here’s ten more that you probably haven’t heard of… in addition to the ones we mentioned in our earlier post here.

Arette Tea Seed Oil — Yet another oil touted for its benefits as well as its flavor, Arette brings several varieties to the market. They claim it one of the most nutritious and healthiest edible oils, with a high percentage of unsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, has a smoke point of 485℉, helps with inflammation, and contains a lot of Vitamin E and Tea Polyphenols.

Theodent Chocolate Toothpaste — Who knew chocolate was good for things other than crankiness and deliciousness? Theodent says it’s a revolution and it certainly is different. Relying on chocolate’s active ingredient theobromine, the company says its better than fluoride for addressing cavities. We snapped a picture with the science brains behind the product.

Foursigmatic Shroom Coffee — Like coffee but better? This brew is made with mushrooms (no, not that kind). Foursigmatic has instant packets in various flavors that promises a coffee-like experience without the jitters. Bonus — these folks love mushrooms and offer lots of cool info.

Green Banana Flour Let’s Do Organic green banana flour from Edward and Sons (who also make yummy coconut products) is exactly what it sounds like. Why would anyone eat this? The growing number of grain-free folks are probably the biggest market. Traditionally used as a cheaper substitute for wheat flour, it islow in sugar and reportedly has as  smooth texture and subtle flavor for gluten and grain free baked goods.

Kuju Coffee PacksKuju brings fresh coffee everywhere with their clever paper filter packs that fold up into a portable pour-over brew experience. Now you no longer have to resort to instant powders on your next camping trip.

Karma Wrapped Cashews — These nuts are definitely different as they are roasted with the skin on, making them extra flavorful and healthy. Karma says that they have ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values comparable to healthy berries such as blueberries. We just like them because they’re tasty.

Aojiru Barley Grass Powder — Apparently this is a major Japanese health trend and it’s now slowly making its way to the States. Used like other powders (think smoothies, salads and such), barley is packed with Vitamin B1, B2, calcium, and dietary fiber.

Elite Naturel Pink Pomegranate Juice — Sure, we all know the regular red pomegranate juice but have you ever heard of pink? Elite states it’s the only company to make it and advertises its responsibility — organic and fair trade as well as involved in creating “educational villages.” We loved the pinkness.

Tea Drops — More in on-the-go beverages,  tea drops fully dissolve in hot water and have a rich tea flavor. The little cubes (actually they have cute shapes) are made in small batches and come in caffeine and no-caffeine varieties. Best part is the company donates to clean water causes.

Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea — Not really tea or coffee but something close to both. Wize Monkey makes a hot beverage from coffee leaves. Flavors like Earl Grey and Jasmine are made with natural oils and are advertised as delivering  antioxidants like mangiferin and cholorogenic acids.