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Scary Smart is Fricking Scary!

A Mars Inc. advert in a modern-day ladies magazine about homey type stuff (Real Simple, which is actually pretty thick with lots and lots of simple-ish things like products, lots of them) called it: “Scary Smart” (with Scary in GREAT BIG letters) above a blown up photo of a fluffy chocolate candy bar.
How, we wonder, could this be either “scary” or “smart?” But there it is in white text meant to catch the eye: “45% less fat.” Get it? This is supposed to be better-for-you so it’s smart. Better, that is, compared to the other over-processed, mega-agri, pharma, food conglomeration treats that might delight us for a quick rush even as it addicts us, sickens and depletes our bodies in the medium-long term. (And it’s not just Mars Inc. – there’s a long list).
Um, this is scary. In no way, shape or form could the 3Musketeers bar be confused for anything that is “good for you.” Eating “less bad” is certainly ok especially compared to “more bad” (though we’re sure that awakened people are conscious of the fact that it’s actually waaay better to eat quality (which doesn’t mean expensive) than not). We love sweet treats, dense chocolatey things and cakes and pies and etc. from time to time. And then there’s “junk food.”

Think about “junk” for a minute. If you have “junk bonds” and they become worthless, they’re just gone. You’re left with nothing. Now think of a car that becomes junk – sometimes you have to pay to get rid of it. Well, with junk food, you have to pay … and pay and pay. We diminish the eating experience and we deprive our bodies of what they need. It sickens us and takes the place of actual food. Not from a little, but from a lot – the amount we’re being conditioned to eat.
The ad probably works alright the way we figure it. Many people would prefer to believe that eating a 3Musketeers bar is less bad so it’s good, so they’ll go with it,. Never-mind the nasty side effect of habituating us to eating this way throughout our lives.
Of course, food (if you can call it that) companies should be free to advertise however they like. Hopefully, the better we share our connection, more of us will wake up and see what’s really behind some of the stuff that’s almost literally being pushed down our throats.