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Raise the Bars: Top Snack Bar Picks

From a few humble meal replacement bars (remember the ubiquitous Power Bar), the snack bar is now a world unto itself. Noted for what they include (protein, sprouted seeds, caffeine, and super foods) and what they don’t (grains, dairy, and sugar), they have come into their own for both snacking and meal replacement.

After what seemed like hundreds displayed at Expo West, these are our top picks for 2017, worth tracking down.

bRaw – These small batch are so good that they are dangerous. They’re Paleo, they’re Vegan, they tick all boxes. We especially loved the Coconut Macadamia packed with Maui-grown Macadamia Nuts, Organic Coconut and Organic Maca.  Find them here.

Ambition Bars – Grain Free and vegan too. The Espresso Myself not only has a cute name, it packs a punch with 70 mg of caffeine per bar, surprisingly crave-worthy. Ditto with the Caramel Latte.  For more info, view the website.

Soul Sprout’s Hoppin Jalapeno – Hoppin Jalapeno is worth searching for since it packs a kick along with its nutty goodness. Rather just sweet, it hits the savory notes and the little pepper pieces actually give off heat. Originally Two Moms in the Raw, Soul Sprout has a winner though it’s not yet available in the online shop here.

Re-grained Eat Beer – Upcycled from the beer-making process, these bars incorporate nuts and other ingredients creating a unique flavor and a feel-good ethos. The Chocolate Coffee Stout gives  meaning to eating your beer, the company’s slogan.  Get the full story here.

This Bar Saves Lives – These tasty treats do more than just fill your belly. For every bar purchased, the company makes a life-saving packet of food and sends it to where it’s needed most. With four flavors, the bar gives back twice over. The Cherry Chocolate was especially tasty. The name says it all.

Far from the “energy” bars of the 1980s, the bars of 2017 are all delicious as well as great for travelling or a quick pick me up in the afternoon.

It’s time to raise the bar.