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Radioactive Tuna on Rye? They Say It’s Safe…

Not that the contamination of the seas is any real news to people (think Garbage Island, aka Pacific Trash Vortex), but we have reached a new “milestone” of sorts with today’s news that radioactive tuna is now swimming in California waters.  Kind of puts a damper on sushi, not to mention the classic tuna on rye.

“There’s no real cause for concern,” say the authorities.  Um, thanks but no thanks.  Not that the scientists are insincere and even they are noting that the second generation fish (the Fukushima babies) could well have even higher radioactivity levels.  But these reassurances are likely from the same type of know-nothing sources that used to have military personnel witnessing nuclear blasts or have done nothing to clean up our own (maybe a bit less scary but still killer) toxic food watses.

And farm-raised?  Yuck.  We think we’ll load up our rye bread with something else.