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R-E-S-P-E-C-T…What Good Clean Food Means To Me

Clean Food. Real Food. Good Food. We hear about it all the time. For each of us, it means something slightly different. Some of us think about terrorism (think “poison-the-food-supply” as terror tactic), tainted products (spinach anyone?), unprocessed food or tasty food. To us, we think it’s all about respect.

How often do you think about the people who are part of the “food chain?” These are the folks that plant, grow, process and prepare what you are putting into your mouth. For most of us, the answer is “rarely.”

Whether you think about it or not, the level of respect that goes into that food chain affects what you eat. Remember that meal lovingly prepared by your mom or lover? It tastes better and is better because of the care, love and attention that went into it. Now think of the opposite — food that is the product of unhappy workers, ill motives, lack of concern for others (or worse, concerns directly contrary to the eater’s health and happiness)? What would you rather eat?

We are all connected, so we are all affected by what others do. If we are to create and enjoy a happy food chain, the links in the chain must spell respect.