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Poison and What We Eat

… Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post wrote recently about the hostile “hyperbole and poisonous rhetoric from the business lobby”  that seeks to resist anything that doesn’t let business do what it wants.  He talks about the energy industry, but it definitely applies to big agri-pharma-food businesses too.
“Attack,” (like in trained dog) is how we’d characterize the basic lobbying style. Attack anyone and everyone who disagrees with you with the most vile and false claims all the while sprinkling in some nicey-nice platitudes.  Crush whoever you must to make your point.  Sorry, Mom, about your naughty kid downloading music and your bills and all but you’re a thief, so you must pay.  Mr. Farmer: too bad you’ve saved seeds for decades, we’re in charge of growing now, if you get our gist.
And for nice, how about the consumer-friendly, happy-talk,  “Produce More, Conserve More“?  Who the hell could argue with that?   Not us… oh, sigh, if only  we could really do that….
The sorry truth, at least with what’s happening steadily to our food supply, is we end up eating their poison, literally.  Ouch.