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Personalized Cheese? Kinda Cool, Kinda Creepy – Edible Synthetic Biology

11-01-13 Microbial Key - HumansIt’s no secret we’re microbe-obsessed, which is why we’re always going on about living and fermented foods like kombucha, fermented tofu, pickles and nut cheeses. Probiotics, which is what the microorganisms are called in food and health circles these days, have become a trendy health food for good reason beyond their sheer deliciousness.
11-01-13 Self Made Cheese ExhibitNow, in a just-opened exhibit in Dublin, there’s a glimpse of the future of synthetic biology, which if you haven’t heard of it, you should.  (Don’t worry, it’s heard of you.)  Two exhibiting artists, Christina Agapakis (US) & Sissel Tolaas (NO), have created personalized “cheese” made with our very own microbes. A little armpit brie or bellybutton cheese spread anyone?

We’re not advocating anyone try this at home but talk about food for thought.  The future and its possibilities are anything but dull.