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Love Your Plants & They’ll Love You Back

It’s mid-August, height of the garden.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, beets, tomatillos, celery, garlic, a variety of beans and herbs plus berries.  No matter how many years we’ve planted, we are always amazed and delighted just like garden virgins when we get to enjoy the garden’s bounty.

The Wake Up and Eat garden is all the more awesome this year because it has thrived through the hottest July EVER as well as the fact that it has been left unattended several times for 3-6 week periods (we’ve been traveling).  Plus, the derecho and other freaky-windy storms.  Boy, do we love this garden!

As near as we can figure, the reason the garden is thriving is because we’ve been blessed by a confluence of factors including decent rainfall and clean soil, organic seeds we grew ourselves, plus heavy straw mulching (keeps down weeds and conserves moisture).  Still, it seems like there is more at work than just this.

Maybe it’s just luck.  Maybe not. Maybe the plants really do respond to the attention and love they’ve been given (yes, it’s a woo-woo alert).   Like all sentient beings.

No matter.  Whether or not the plants are happily growing because of us, we make a point of  enjoying a little gratitude along with our thick juicy tomato slices and the veggies that make us smile.