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In a Rut? Create Your Gut!

and security of our food supply is not all there is to know in order to wake up and eat better. Of course, we all want clean good food. But, one of the most important concepts to help you wake up is the phenomenon of conscious metabolism. Experience shows that just as we can literally “change our mind,” by changing how we think, perceive and interact with the world that surrounds us, so too can we “change our metabolism.”

There is much talk about how the body’s metabolic meter, which controls how quickly and efficiently your body can digest what we eat.
Often, it is diet books or doctors that tell us that we have a genetically pre-determined “set-point,” which can be altered if we eat certain “fat-burning” foods or take certain concoctions, or exercise more, or all of the above. There is some truth to this.

Hopefully, if you’ve been paying attention, you have experienced your own “gut thermostat” in one way or another, even if it’s just noticing hunger and elimination habits. Beyond noticing, however, it turns out we actually can help change our metabolism. Like many new advances in genetics reveal, our genes are far less rigid than scientists and doctors once thought. In fact, each of us has the ability to shape our individual metabolism.

While conventional wisdom once held that it was all static – fatties and skinnies don’t change – it turns out we can take responsibility and help flip our own switch. Through what we think (did you know thoughts and emotions trigger chemical changes in your body?), what we eat (yes, certain foods do help), and how we choose to eat, sleep, and live (hint: don’t eat when you’re angry), we can begin to understand and create our metabolism, consciously. Wake Up Your Gut!