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Hysterical Eating — Just Enjoy It!

Lately, it seems as if the food hysteria has been increasing.  No, we’re not talking about eating when stressed (at least not today).  Rather, it’s the constant reports warning that what we are eating is: contaminated, poisoned, harmful, in short supply, destroying the environment, oppressing the unfortunate or just plain gross.

We know that there is quite a bit of truth here. The tricky part is:  (a) figuring out just what’s true; and (b) figuring out what to do about it.  We discuss the first question elsewhere, so we’ll leave that alone today (Consider the Source).  It’s the second question that especially deserves comment right now.

What’s the best advice we’ve heard?  Relax and enjoy!  Yes, we certainly agree that we should start awakening to what’s going on with what we eat. We love food and recognize its fundamental role in our lives, meeting our nutritional, social and emotional needs.  That means we surely want what we eat to be good, not to mention available.  We also do not want to get sick by what we eat, nor do we want to be grossed out, weakened, poisoned, or contribute to the destruction of the planet.

At the same time, we should not forget to enjoy in the present moment.  Sure, there’s a lot to wake up to that needs changing, but still, we shouldn’t lose sight of how important enjoyment is.  Plus, for those of us who need an extra reason to look forward to eating, bear in mind that salivating promotes digestion.
So, let’s make it a point while we are eating to forget all the food hysteria, take a bite and enjoy!