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Sometimes we just need creamy hot soup to warm us up, especially in the chill of Winter. This soup, which has no actual cream but is still smooth, thick and rich-tasting, hits the spot with its umami flavors derived from the mushrooms and sauteed leeks. Now that we've tried this, it will be hard to go back to simple potato leek as it seems to fall short in ...
Pressure cooking can really save time and make it easier to avoid heating up the kitchen -- so necessary in the hot summer and really, at any time of year, who wants to spend extra time cooking? This recipe with its West Indian flair makes the best use of it, turning a  rice dish into a hearty meal in itself or a great accompaniment to other ...


Everyone loves candy, even plant-based eaters.  These chocolate truffles will win the hearts of even the most dedicated carnivore.  Packed with the life-enhancing goodness of coconut and cacao, you can even pretend they are health food.  Some even call cacao, “food of the gods.”  Our kind of gods to be sure.These truffles will last weeks under ...
This is Pie Season, one of our favorite times of the year. Even for those who avoid Thanksgiving, there are chilly days and holidays beyond, turning thoughts to feasts and the sweet endings they can bring.Sweet potatoes are one of those nutrient-dense foods, with one medium sweet potato providing more than the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A ...

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“I declare that a meal prepared by a person who loves you will do you more good than any average cooking, and on the other side of it a person who dislikes you is bound to get that dislike into your food, without intending to.” - Luther Burbank

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