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When I was a girl, there was such a thing as the Old Country – the place where the world still operated with magic and must.  Small old men with thick accents knew languages that had intensity, a depth of experience that ordinary talking could never meet. The ancient women’s eyes smiled with secret ways.  Communities felt close and happy even ...
Peas and beans please. Not your ordinary English peas, green beans or even the popular snap peas with their edible pods.  These are Southern peas and butter beans, with creamy texture and smooth taste. They are both cooked the same way here.Southern peas are also called field peas or cowpeas, and if you're lucky, you can find them fresh off the vines ...


Stuck at home, we received a box of vegetables from a friend and it included 5 rutabagas. Now this vegetable isn't high on people's list and frankly, all we could think of was roasted rutabaga. Sure it's tasty but how many times can we eat the same thing? Even though rutabagas are a great storage veggie, there's a boredom limit and it was reached. ...
Artisan bread in minutes was a thing years ago, creating a sensation and bringing fresh-baked bread to ordinary home cooks who didn't have all day. Then, Jim Lahey, the owner of NYC Sullivan Street Bakery, made things even easier, with the technique of using a covered dutch oven to create a crispy crust in an ordinary home oven. This ...

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“I declare that a meal prepared by a person who loves you will do you more good than any average cooking, and on the other side of it a person who dislikes you is bound to get that dislike into your food, without intending to.” - Luther Burbank

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