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August is peach season here, luscious peaches drippy with sweet juicy tang and flavor that makes you think of falling in love. Ok, it's a fruit but still.These fruits are fleeting. Ripe peaches don't keep long and if you have a tree or bought the 1/2 bushel size on whim, well then, chutney comes in handy. It's not too difficult and is incredibly ...
We're still grateful that Rajma, that rich kidney bean curry that hails from the Punjab, came up on our food radar some years ago. Rajma is rarely on menus at Indian restaurants here in the States which is a shame, because it’s super delicious.  Loaded with warming and healing spices, it’s comfort food particularly suited to winter, especially the ...


You don't need to read a food blog to know things are more than a little out of kilter these days. Pandemic, societal upheaval, economic devastation, politics, hurricanes, blazing fires, intense heat and more can make us forget about crises of years past (like environmental collapse and the largest refugee crises humanity has known).Face it, we need ...
When I was a girl, there was such a thing as the Old Country – the place where the world still operated with magic and must.  Small old men with thick accents knew languages that had intensity, a depth of experience that ordinary talking could never meet. The ancient women’s eyes smiled with secret ways.  Communities felt close and happy even ...

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“I declare that a meal prepared by a person who loves you will do you more good than any average cooking, and on the other side of it a person who dislikes you is bound to get that dislike into your food, without intending to.” - Luther Burbank

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