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Watch: Chinese Exploding Melons

What is causing the rash of melon explosions and the horror faced by Chinese melon man (this poor soul couldn't bear to check them it was so painful)? Should you be concerned?  Don't worry- the little old lady does get to make some watermeron pickre (watermelon pickle) with the exploded ...

We Tried 4 Vegan Matzo Ball Recipes and Here's the Results

Rarely are the absence of eggs a hurdle in our world. Cakes and baked goods are fine without them as are pancakes and other treats. Even macaroons are well served with aquafaba. But oh those matzo balls. Try using a mix with your standard egg replacers and you'll quickly discover they will disint...
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Kidney Comfort: Hearty Rajma for a Cold Wet Winter

We're still grateful that Rajma, that rich kidney bean curry that hails from the Punjab, came up on our food radar some years ago. Rajma is rarely on menus at Indian restaurants here in the States which is a shame, because it’s super delicious.  Loaded with warming and healing spices, it’s ...

Creamy Rutabaga Pie with Cauliflower, Peas and Tempeh Bacon - Vegan, Gluten-Free and Even Keto

Stuck at home, we received a box of vegetables from a friend and it included 5 rutabagas. Now this vegetable isn't high on people's list and frankly, all we could think of was roasted rutabaga. Sure it's tasty but how many times can we eat the same thing? Even though rutabagas are a great ...