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Get Down! (On the Floor Once A Day)

We usually go on and on about food and eating – that’s our core mission.   This article is not about eating but about the body that eats.  A well-functioning body is healthier, digests food better and supports clear thinking.  How do we make it happen?  Connect with the ground every day.

people-lying-downIt doesn’t take long and it certainly doesn’t take any special equipment.  Just like down on the floor (or earth) beneath your feet.   Or at least sit down.  Remember when this was second nature?  When you were a kid you got up and down without even thinking about it.  At some point, though, for most of us, we got out of the habit.  Don’t know about where you work but pretty much everyone sits on chairs or stands at our office.  Ditto in restaurants, movie theaters, and everywhere else we likely go. And that can mean, literally, we’re losing ground.


We don’t have much advice that we think absolutely everyone should follow, except of course to think for yourself!  But, if we did have advice, it would definitely include the recommendation to get down on the floor daily.  Why?


Getting down on the floor automatically changes your perspective.  When we see things differently, from ground level for instance, it helps us think differently, whether we realize it or not.  We have to look because our brains cannot simply assume (like we usually do) what is there and what is not.  We actually have to take in new information and process it an unexpected ways, which is a win for neuro-plasticity (aka brain health).

When you literally ground yourself by sitting or lying on the floor, you will also become much more aware of your body, including the places where movement is not as easy as when you were six.You will notice differences in getting up and down and may even surprise yourself at some of the changes that can happen, for better or worse. If it’s easy to get down and up again, keep it up.  It improves the chances that you won’t reach older-age unable to sit on the ground.  If it’s not easy (meaning you cannot get up/down at all or can only do it with some struggle), you have the opportunity to practice and improve your agility, strength and balance.  After one month, it will be easier, no matter where you start from.


We love to do a little stretching or yoga while we’re down there or maybe even just relax.  It can even be a quick five minute break. What you do is your choice.  The only goal is to enjoy the flexibility and new way of looking at the world that being grounded brings .