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For Optimum Health in 2015, Feds Start Now

Want to really get ahead of the food curve?  Think 2015.Dietary Guidelines 1940

Follow the lead of those hard working public health experts, who are already doing just that.

Federal guidelines have been around for quite a while (wow-there was a “meat group” back in the day, now called “protein”).  Since 1980, every five years, the USDA and HHS issue dietary guidelines and the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee convened its first meeting about 9 weeks ago.  While it may not matter to many of us, these guidelines are tied to much public health policy (think dollars) and can also make a big difference in creating healthier people regardless of income.  Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Dietary Guidelines 1950sIt’s an impressive group with serious scientific expertise in a diverse range of health specialties.  The agenda includes all sorts of topics to be covered, including GMO food, dairy consumption, fortified foods, supplements, gene-nutrient and gene-food interactions, sugar sweetened beverages,  and more.

While it’s hard to know just how influential industry will be, not to mention the political climate come 2015, let’s hope these folks adopt some awakened dietary guidelines that create a foundation to build healthy bodies.