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Foods You May Never Have Heard Of

It was the biggest ever Natural Products Expo – over 80,000 attendees and thousands of products spread over three venues in Anaheim California March 2017. The world’s largest expo of its kind, it was a challenge just to get through it but the resulting finds were worth it!

We found dozens of products that most people – even dedicated foodies – have likely never heard of. Some were hot out of production and some were just new to Americans.

Some may have already hit your store shelves so check out these delicious goodies. Here’s a sample of awesome products and we have more to come, including health and beauty faves and some that will be used in our recipes.

Banana Brittle – Barnana’s Banana Brittle is addicting. Crunchy and not too sweet it is light and satisfying and comes in two flavors. It melts in your mouth so you better watch it or you’ll eat the whole packet.

Fermented Tea Leaves – Burma Love has brought the exotic to us. Once only a rare treat in even rarer Burmese restaurants, the taste of fermented tea is earthy and unique. We love the fermented tea salad at Mandalay in Maryland but you can now make your own as well as enjoy the taste with fermented tea aioli.

Smoked Shoyu – This delicious organic soy sauce, brought to us from Japan,  has all the flavor of an artisan brew with the added bonus of a smoky flavor. We can’t wait to use with Asian noodles or sprinkle some on some steamed broccoli. We’ll also try it on Coconut Bacon, recipe here.

Sprouted Pili Nuts – They look like Brazil nuts but are creamier and richer than Macadamias. Hunter Gatherer Sprouted Pili nuts are not only the nut highest in magnesium, they are addictive.  We are looking forward to add this high protein nut to our fresh herb pesto this summer.

Drinkable Cashew Yogurt – Probiotic beverages were everywhere at Expo East but only one drinkable yogurt that is 100% Vegan. Forager’s Plain Cashewgurt (a mouthful) was  low sugar, smooth and went down easy. Why should those who don’t eat dairy be deprived? Would be awesome in a smoothie.

If nothing else, the natural products makers are on the cutting edge of creativity.