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Food Preparedness: It’s Not Just for Doomsday Anymore

We love a well-stocked pantry, especially one that has all sorts of delicacies, like lemon curd and pickled garlic.  Nothing nicer and easier than putting together a meal or snack for unexpected guests or a tired night.  

The real benefits of food storage are immediately apparent when disaster hits — earthquakes, blizzards, power outages, missile attacks, ETs, etc. By now, most of us should be sharply aware that we have to expect the unexpected, which is why the Wake Up and Eat Editorial Board agrees that eaters must stay flexible to eat with ease. 

All that said, we know that most people really do not take steps to store food and faced with a bit of snow, heavy workload, illness or other disruption , they can quickly find themselves without food.   We’re here to tell you there’s no excuse for allowing this to happen.  Not money, not time, not space.  The working single mothers  among our Board are in an especially good position to assure you that a good food storage plan is a time and money saver.

The key to making storing food work is to use it regularly.  That means you shouldn’t buy the “emergency preparedness” food kits unless you actually want to eat that stuff.  In our view, a lot of it isn’t very appealing, not to mention expensive, so we prefer the DIY approach.
Beans, grains, rice, canned and dried vegetables, spices, sugar and a few other basics are where we suggest most people start.  When purchased in bulk, and properly packed, you will find you are eating higher quality food that costs less and is more convenient than running to the store each time you want to eat.  

Of course, if what you eat consists mainly of processed foods or you are fully dependent on your local store having what you want anytime (believe us, you pay for that in many ways) and/or you don’t have a clue how to prepare any of the above (except for the sugar, which anyone can eat straight with a spoon), you might have a problem at the get-go.  Fortunately, it’s an easy fix if you want to try it.

You know our view – wake up and learn to be more independent.  Take responsibility.  Fight the dumbing down and de-skilling of our society and learn how to be self-sufficient, even if just a little… at first.  Start with a few items and a few dishes you can prepare.  Once you figure out how to prepare food using these ingredients, there’s lots of help from us and others if you really  make up your mind you’re ready.  You will eat better, spend less, and be more adaptable.