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Feeding Fear: How Not To Eat It


… With an almost insatiable appetite, fear eats at us, and the more we feed it, the hungrier it seems to get. Its impact upon our bodies, minds and spirits is unmistakable, whether it’s the fluttering pit in the stomach, the paranoia and uncertainty (aka FUD) in our actions, or feelings of spiritual despair. As we often seek to remind our dear readers, we are what we eat.


Now, we know that there’s plenty of scary stuff going on. Lordy, lordy… we’ve seen it ourselves. Wars, disease, hunger, poverty, lunacy, greed and ugliness of all sorts. Crazed psycho killers, drunk drivers, pandemics, disaster and secret plots too. And, though we want bliss just like everyone else, we also have an uncanny feeling that “bad” is gonna be “in” for awhile (at least our lifetimes anyway). So, what to do?


We suggest we all wake up to who we are. When we pay attention, we can learn to activate our inner wisdom that remembers that fear is just a changing state and does not have to be with us forever.


We can learn to see past fear. Waking up to the connection between all of us will show us that there is room for enjoyment, no matter what the circumstances. Rather than feed our fears, let’s nourish ourselves.