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Enjoy Your Food – Eating is a Delicious and Satisfying Pleasure

“It is the mind that makes the body.” – Sojourner Truth (1797-1883)

Food is a delicious and beautiful pleasure. For some reason, lots of us feel as if we shouldn’t enjoy what we eat. It’s as if we enjoy eating “too much,” we’re being gluttonous or doing something unhealthy or both. This is simply not true.

If we relish the pleasures of food, when we experience the flavor and sensation of what we are eating, no matter whether it’s a special meal or a spur-of-the-moment indulgence, we do ourselves good, boosting the value of what we eat. We literally create health. All of us should remember that we have the power and ability to create here on this Earth an amazingly beautiful, delicious bounty for our delight and vitality. Yes, lick your fingers and get those salivary juices flowing.

Studies, for what they are worth, confirm that our digestion works better, when we are experiencing pleasure. In scientific terms, the neurochemicals and bodily responses that occur when we are enjoying ourselves (as opposed to worrying, being angry or sad) facilitate improved body function, including (and perhaps especially) with our incredibly sensitive gastrointestinal systems.

The bottom line is that when we wake up to the fact that we should be enjoying our food, we start to create noticeable physical benefits, including better and easier digestion, less food-associated stress, and generally improved health. We also become the best parents and role models we can be so our next generation learn the source and impact of what they eat and celebrate the richness of the fruits of the Earth.