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Drug Farms in Our Head – Eat What We Think

“Every time we fire a thought in our brain, we make chemicals, which produce feelings and other reactions in the body…. The three means by which we communicate chemically are neurotransmitters, peptides, and hormones.” — Evolve Your Brain, Joe Dispenza, 2007.

Turns out that our incredible human bodies are just little drug factories cranking out all sorts of chemicals that make us who we are. Our thoughts produce emotions that produce chemicals that produce reactions and so on (recursively) to make us our unique selves.

It also turns out that how we are feeling when we are eating matters, and not just because it’s generally more comfy to eat when we’re happy than pissed off about something. While for generations people have intuitively known this to be true, and eaten accordingly, now Science is backing it up. (Note to Science: Thanks for the research. Some of it’s good. Please, just come clean on the funding. Thanks.)

Our thoughts and associated emotions determine how well we will digest our food. Better digestion equals better extraction of nutrients from the food we eat, better absorption and more effective storage in the body with levels of fat, sugar, etc well regulated. It also means that you can eat the “perfect diet” and still have digestive and metabolic problems.

See, we told you: There Is No Such Thing As the Perfect Diet. No amount of protein, carbs, fat, fiber or anything else can give you the magic that a well-regulated system can. (Yes, paying attention to what we put in our mouth helps… a lot.) So, while what we eat can make available all of the amazing raw materials for our brains to create a maximally healthy body, by the same token, we can eat all the macrobiotic and wholesome food we want (even produced in pots on the windowsill) and still have a problem.

Adult-onset diabetes, allergic reactions, digestive disorder nasties ( yes, toilet troubles stink) and even related food neuroses and maladies can be traced to who we’ve been and the path we took to get where we are right now. We’re hearing folks say they feel like we’re face to face with the physical effects of the frenzied onslaught of consumption. Like too much cake or chips, it may have tasted yummy going down, but coming out the bottom isn’t pretty or pleasant. Living under continuous (call it chronic) stress creates chemical changes that increase our blood sugar levels, and alter the output of the pancreas, liver and fat storage mechanisms.

Not that this means we’re doomed. Not at all. In fact, the great and powerful Science also says that we create our selves far more than previously thought. Neuroplasticity is real, even as we age. All is far from lost. We have the power to wake up and change. To change our bodies, we start by changing our minds, our thoughts.

Remember, when we eat, we eat what we think, so let’s think good thoughts!