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Don’t Poo Where You Eat

It’s disgusting really (ok, we’ve seen dogs gobble up the stuff but even on the Internet, we’re not dogs). Except it’s not as far-fetched as one would hope. The fact is, when you eat, you must Consider the Source.

In many parts of the world, crops are fertilized with night soilwhich sounds way better than it actually is, which is basically the always-ready poo fertilizer that’s the “end-product” of what we eat. Maybe it’s safe, probably not, but no matter what, it’s gross. Ask yourself, do you know that what you eat wasn’t grown that way?

Fortunately, night soil isn’t the go-to fertilizing method in the U.S. But it does get one thinking about what else we don’t want in what we consume. How about a little pharmaceutical residue with that glass of water? Maybe some pesticides, fungicides or hormones with that burger?

It seems to us that we need a renewed focus — back to attention — on what actually happens beyond just the intake (into our mouth) end of the food chain.