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Can Fine Artisanal Cheese Be Cruelty-Free? Treeline Treenut Cheese Says Yes!

We are a cheesy culture, with cheese a leading ingredient in meals, recipes and menus everywhere.  Cheese is a key part of comfort foods like pizza, mac and cheese, cheesecake (see our dairy-free recipes), and of course wine and cheese.  In fact, at the recent Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, cheese featured prominently in many products.Yet, we often hear that cheeses – and all dairy products (butter included) -- are not so good for human health, having been linked to heart ...

True Health Care: Functional Formularies Revolutionizes Liquid Meal Replacement with Real Organic Food

It’s called Liquid Hope, made by Functional Formularies, but maybe it should be called Liquid Love. Robin Gentry McGee, the company’s founder, created the product – an organic whole food meal replacement – as a labor of love for her father, who had a traumatic physical injury. Until then, Robin (like most of us) had no idea that what usually goes down for hospital nutrition is anything but. Then she woke up.Sadly, today, the standard liquid nutrition in most US medical institutions ...

Watch: I Can’t Be Vegan Because…. DF Mavens Makes Ice Cream No Excuse!

We often hear from people who say they want to go vegan, and they get it on an intellectual level, since plant-based eating has been shown to be good for body (health), mind (function) and soul (ease), but their various cravings won’t allow it.  Among the most-cited can't-live-without foods is ice cream, with its yummy sweet cold creaminess -- for many it is a must-have treat.Well, good news!  DF Mavens makes some of the best ice cream we've ever tasted -- dairy or non-dairy -- no ...

Cheers for Cibaderm Cannabidiol: Watch Now

Top Five Natural Products 2013 -- This year at the Baltimore Natural Products Expo East, US Hemp Oil unveiled its Cibaderm line of products, along with CanChew Gum, Cibdex tinctures, and a very high strength "medical grade" hemp oil.  The common thread? They all contain cannabidiol (CBD), derived from industrial hemp, that many may already know about from its use as a medicine dispensed at cannabis outlets, lawful in many states.For those of us who live in less forward-thinking...

GMO Rap Helps Spread the Word

PandoDaily and Explainer Music team up to share the risks of genetically modified food.  Cute and catchy.

Watch: La Soga – Jim Duke Sings to the Plants

We love it! Jim Duke (James A. Duke, Ph.D.) -- living legend plant genius, ethnobotanist, author, and songwriter sings "La Soga" to the Amazonian plants, Ayahuasca and friends. Performed for Luis Eduardo Luna, Ph.D. "La Soga" in memory of the Green Man, Frank Cook. Lyrics below. Duke introduces the plants after the concert. Video produced with deep gratitude to all these amazing visionaries.LA SOGA -- by Jim Duke, Ph.D.Parody on The Going Up was Worth the Coming Down- Kris Kristoffers...

Vegan Black Metal Chef – Indian Feast Of The Gods

Om Shanti. Embrace your demons and wake up and make yourself an Indian feast. The brilliant Vegan Black Metal Chef makes delicious Indian food - one of our favorites! Plus, the spices used in Indian food have documented health benefits without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Thank you Vegan Black Metal Chef!

Rau Om Foods – Delicious Misozuke Tofu (Convergent Evolution)

Tofu Misozuke - Tofu misozuke is a traditional Japanese delicacy from the Fukuoka district, whose production requires an aging period in miso for up to two years. During that time the tofu acquires the texture of soft, creamy cheeses and the intense flavor of fermented soy.  Rau Om Food’s Misozuke tofu may be best described as “tofu cheese.” It is creamy, complex and delicious as well as being raw, fermented, probiotic and vegan. Watch this amazing story here involving recipes ...

Watch: Ticks Cause Meat Allergy

A teeny tick accomplishes what all the PR from PETA and company couldn't:  make folks stop eating meat for health reasons.  Over 1000 cases of tick-borne meat allergy in Virgina and spreading.

Watch: Why Go Vegan? Ellen DeGeneres Has An Opinion

We often wonder just what it is that wakes people up and causes them to shift what they eat in a radical manner.  In this clip, Ellen explains herself and gives us more food for thought:Check out her blog too: Going Vegan With Ellen, which is worthwhile even for non-vegans!