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Can Fine Artisanal Cheese Be Cruelty-Free? Treeline Treenut Cheese Says Yes!

Treeline Soft Herb Garlic Cheese SpreadWe are a cheesy culture, with cheese a leading ingredient in meals, recipes and menus everywhere.  Cheese is a key part of comfort foods like pizza, mac and cheese, cheesecake (see our dairy-free recipes), and of course wine and cheese.  In fact, at the recent Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, cheese featured prominently in many products.

Yet, we often hear that cheeses – and all dairy products (butter included) — are not so good for human health, having been linked to heart disease and more.  Many people are also lactose intolerant. Then there’s also the fact that dairy not a pretty industry – the roughly ten Treeline Hard Classic Cheesemillion dairy cows in America alone suffer enormously in factory farms and almost every one of them ends up being killed and turned into meat after a few years.

Now, there’s Treeline Treenut Cheese to the rescue!  All nut-based, dairy-free and scrumptious, these cheeses (including aged hard and soft varieties) will satisfy the most discriminating cheese lover (even those who eat dairy) and will make it easier to switch to a 100% plant-based diet for those who may be so inclined.

Watch and learn about the story behind these wonderful products. 

Oh, and for those of you who would like to make your own soft cashew-based spreadable cheese (bagels anyone?), check out our easy DIY recipe, coming soon.