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Are You Thirsty? Honest Tea? Honestly!

In an issue of Organic Processing, an organic industry trade mag published this fall (yes, odd as it seems, it is an industry), Seth Goldman, the President of Honest Tea (over $27 million in U.S. sales last year) defended his decision to partner with Coca-Cola. He explains that he can still do good, do even more… that his company can still walk the walk on integrity and values. Maybe.

Putting aside any issues with the Coca-Cola Company (for another day, that is, because we sure got ’em), we think the real issue is the “market” that they and Honest sell in — the “beverage market.” Did you know that the U.S. beverage market alone is roughly $70 billion annually, made up of soft drinks, sports beverages, bottled water, teas and coffees? Uh, it seems like we’re a nation with a drinking problem.

We like beverages too but frankly, enough is enough. Let’s get a grip and stop shelling out serious money to buy can after bottle after cup. It’s wasteful all around, requiring resources to bottle, ship and recycle. Worse, our national soda dependency is making us sick.

Honestly, we love tea, especially organic green tea and plenty of others that are made with the fairest of trade.We even like iced tea, that’s just a bit sweet like Seth’s. That’s why we make it ourselves instead of feeding the beverage industry beast. It takes little time (boil water and make a quart or 1/2 gallon), produces no waste and helps cut down dependence on food marketing onslaught. With the current economic, social and spiritual state of affairs, isn’t this the best way to quench our thirst?