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Spring Rush – Harnessing the Season to Grow

As we keep hearing, the weather’s been unusual in 2012.  It’s only April and even though it sometimes seems like we’ve already experienced all four seasons, there are unmistakeably signs that in the Northern Hemisphere, the Earth is finally experiencing real Spring.

If we look around, we see plants and insects emerge, hear more birds and find increasing traces of wildlife.  The whole soil web starts to wake up, bringing the opportunity to grow.  Increasingly, more of us are taking up home gardening, and food gardening in particular.  This is good news. Whether to become more self-sufficient, to enjoy nature or because it’s a lower-cost way to be sure to eat in these crazy economic times, growing your own is a super-positive step.  (And yes, you can grow even if you only live in one room – enjoy sprouts!)

As all this awakening is happening, it’s a perfect time to embrace our own growth.  In our daily lives, it is very easy to fall into habits that shape who we are without even realizing it.  It has been said “Habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.”

Spring is a great opportunity to take a fresh look at who we are.   One idea is to try something new to try for each of the Body, Mind and Spirit.  These suggestions are just ones we’ve seen succeed but of course, personal growth means finding what works for you.  Start small. Most importantly, do not be discouraged by having to start again.  As explained to us by a wise teacher, the moment when you start again is the moment that the practice is working!

BODY:  Maybe change up what you eat, or start a new physical activity.

MIND:  Learn a new skill or subject, or re-examine assumptions about what you already “know.”

SPIRIT:  Start or re-dedicate meditation practice, or create a practice of giving.

Our personal growth is not separate from the growth we experience all around us, including the buds and blossoms of Spring.  If we remember that we are co-creating our world, we can harness the energy of the Spring rush to take us forward.

Breathe deep – Spring is sweet!