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Herb-Infused Water – Fresh and Easy

Can't justify $2 for herbal-infused H2O? Make your own! It's almost embarrassing it's so easy.Choose your favorite herbs, place in room temperature water.  Let sit at least a few hours, chill and drink.Here are some delicious and refreshing examples: Mint and Lemon BalmLavenderBasil and Borage Thyme and Lemon  

Get Down! (On the Floor Once A Day)

We usually go on and on about food and eating - that's our core mission.   This article is not about eating but about the body that eats.  A well-functioning body is healthier, digests food better and supports clear thinking.  How do we make it happen?  Connect with the ground every day.It doesn't take long and it certainly doesn't take any special equipment.  Just like down on the floor (or earth) beneath your feet.   Or at least sit down.  Remember when this was second nature? ...